Featuring conversations with a range of different men, presenter and producer Joe Daniels aims to talk about all the things that men don’t tend to talk about.

Mental health, relationships, work, money, and popular culture – nothing is off-limits.

Together, Joe and his guests will define a new form of masculinity.


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The Man Test

Jeremy Cropper — 8.5/10

Robin Waite — 7/10

Caspar Walsh — 5.5/10

Chris O’Connor — 5/10

Tom Johnson — 3/10


Episode 5 – Chris O’Connor

Joe speaks to Chris about mental health, what a modern man should be, and how to get more men to open up about their problems.

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Episode 4 – Tom Johnson

Joe speaks to Tom about his “unmasculine” love of fashion, the paradox of football fans, and about friendships.

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Episode 3 – Jeremy Cropper

Joe speaks to Jeremy about why men struggle to admit their mistakes, one of the biggest mistakes Jeremy has made in his own life, and some practical tips on how to “break” your own mistakes.

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Episode 2 – Caspar Walsh

Joe speaks to Caspar about mindfulness in men, overcoming addictions, and the importance of rites of passage.

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Episode 1 – Robin Waite

Joe speaks to Robin about how masculinity helps or hinders business, his own experience with depression and suicide, and how to deal with the ‘fakeness’ of social media.

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