Why We Need International Men’s Day More Than Ever

Today is International Men’s Day. Twitter is awash with people sharing their thoughts and opinions.

I noticed that a common question was something along the lines of:

“Men already have it pretty good, why should they have a day?”

The trouble is, men don’t have it as good as you think.

Traditional concepts of masculinity and manhood are now outdated and in dire need of transformation. The ‘toxic’ parts of masculinity – hiding emotions, overt aggression – are harming men.

That’s why suicide is the biggest killer of young men.

Masculinity is literally killing us.

The only way to change attitudes towards masculinity, and to work towards a better definition, is to talk about it.

That’s why we need an International Men’s Day. Men hate talking about things like this, and today provides the perfect excuse to start those important conversations.

That’s why we need International Men’s Day, and that’s why we need to talk.