What Your Watch Says About You

A guest post by Neil Atkinson

Do you own a watch?

The answer to that question today, in these moderns times, filled with smartphones and computers, is… maybe.

A lot of people don’t see the need for a watch when they can just look at their phone to check the time. And I get it. I walk around without a watch a lot of the time too. Watches have moved from a necessity to more of a fashion accessory.

But should we be letting go of the one piece of jewelry that allows us to express our sense of fashion to the world?

Men and Fashion

When you buy yourself a watch today, or for your next birthday, you are making a statement about yourself.

Sure, as men we are often guilty of “ignoring fashion” but even that is kind of a fashion choice in and of itself. Do you hate to look metro-sexual with ripped jeans and a shiny t-shirt? Or maybe button-down shirts are not your thing (like me)? You are a jeans and t-shirt kinda guy, right? Me too.

But that lack of choice is also a fashion choice. After all, what kind of t-shirts and sweaters do you buy? Plain black, for every single item you own, like Steve Jobs, or a particular brand? Be honest with yourself here.

Fashion affects almost every choice we make in how we present ourselves to the world, even if we are not consciously thinking about it. Because we all know as men we are not known for not caring that much about fashion.

What About Your Watch?

So, watches are no longer something we have to own, but many of you reading this will still have one, or maybe even two.

It could be you use it to tell the time, or measure how long things take with a chronograph (that’s fancy watch speak for a stopwatch). Or, maybe you just wear your watch to make a statement.

As men, we don’t wear much jewelry, if any at all, so the watch we wear is one of the only things we can use to signal our taste to the world.

So, how many ways can a watch tell the world who we are and what we care about?

1: The Tech Geek

If you are into the latest gadgets, now is a great time to be alive. You are totally connected almost all of the time, and you have a small, but powerful, computer in your pocket as if it’s perfectly normal!

And on top of that, you can also wear one on your wrist. Maybe you don’t see yourself as an Apple Fanboy, so you have a Samsung instead? Or perhaps you are really outside the box, and have a TicWatch? Never heard of them? They make great smartwatches.

Either way, you can now wear a smartwatch that even looks like a normal watch (because you can choose the skin) or just go old-school and have a digital display!

Which leads me to your next option…

2: The Purely Functional

A lot of people still love wearing watches but it has to serve as many purposes as possible. That could mean a funky 80s calculator watch from Casio. I mean, they are in again, right?

You could also go something a little more stylish and add a slide-rule bezel to measure all kinds of wacky things, like lap times.

Or, you could keep it super stylish and just go with a chronograph (you know, those three little dials on watches) to measure time-elapsed, or lap times.

No matter which way you go, having a watch on your arm does not mean you have to forgo style. You can still let your personality speak through your watch choice…

3: A Man Of Style

It could well be that you are also the kind of guy who also cares about what your watch says about your style. And sure, if you have the money, you could go for a classy Rolex, Omega, Breitling, or similar.

However, these days there is so much choice you don’t even have to spend more than a few hundred bucks to look a million.

Seiko is my brand of choice when it comes to watches. They have so many different watches – from sporty to dress watches, that you might even find it difficult to choose.

Another option for those wanting to show a little style is something like Bulova, Tissot, Invicta, or for a little more money, Hamilton.

Maybe It’s Time For A New Watch?

Maybe you have not given much thought to watches before. Or, maybe you started to think you didn’t need one.

I challenge you know to rethink the way you look at watches.

Even spending 50 bucks on something you picked up on Ebay speaks volumes to who you really are.

It’s your choice whether you want to tell the world or not?

About the Author:
Neil is a watch fanatic who has been collecting pieces since the 90s. Aside from being obsessed with watches, he loves spending as much time as possible traveling and soaking up the fresh air on his mountain bike. You can follow his watch-making obsessions on his blog.